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The importance of acoustic treatments in a cinema room cannot be stressed enough. Soundwaves react with their environment by bouncing off various room surfaces and offering several 'layers' of the same sound to the listener, resulting in an undesirable audio 'blur'.

This mixture of the original sound together with various reflected versions of the same source causes listener fatigue, dialogue legibility problems and general listening discomfort.

Many believe that the latest state of the art AV amps deal with acoustic problems via their various audio calibration systems. Whilst these help to a minor degree, the key is to initially treat the room organically before resorting to electronic manipulation, which can in fact degrade sound quality when pushed to extremes.

Our journey into room acoustics started some 20 years ago when we were one of the pioneers in the UK, having introduced acoustic room treatments to effectively treat cinema rooms and audio listening rooms.

acoustic treatments 3
(Designed for large 'live' entrance halls and receptions. Acts as both diffuser and absorption properties. The lighting rounds off the package to make a real show stopper)

Apart from many private installations, we have also completed various commercial installations including the Discovery Channel headquarters in Chiswick.

If you've invested a lot of money in hardware and you really want to hear your system's full potential, bottom line... acoustic room treatments are an absolute must.

acoustic treatments 1
(Bedroom acoustic back wall with surround speakers above)

The clarity, control and dialogue legibility after acoustic treatments have been installed is nothing short of breathtaking.

room treatments 2
(Fully acoustic treated home cinema room)

And by using carefully selected coverings and construction materials, we're able to enhance the look of any listening room with matched colours and beautiful, high quality acoustic treatment panels.

acoustic treatments 4
(Absorptive suede alcantara covered panels plus examples of a combination of absorption and diffusion)

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